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Top 5 Social Media Platform 2019

What are the Top 5 most popular social media platform in Malaysia? Let’s have a look into it!

1. Facebook

Top social platform in the world

There are 23M Facebook users in Malaysia and Facebook is expected to hit 24.2 millions users in 2023, up from 23 million in 2018.  However, do you know what are the Top 5 most popular social media platform in Malaysia?

2. YouTube

Top entertainment platform
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According to Google internal data there are 20M YouTube users in Malaysia as of February 2018. Also, it has been positioned as Malaysia Top 1 TV channel.

3. Instagram

Top social media platform nowadays

There are 11M Instagram users in Malaysia which is almost a 70% increase from the 6.5M users announced by Facebook 2 years ago back in 2016.

4. LinkedIn

Top social media platform for job hunting
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Besides, there are 4.4M LinkedIn users in Malaysia which has occupied 9% in their platform.

5. TikTok

Top social media platform in the world for videos

TikTok’s global monthly active user has up to 500 million, 300 million contributed from mainland China alone and there is another 200 millions users out of China. As of 2018, there are total4 million TikTok users in Malaysia.


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