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The different between IGTV and IG STORIES

The different between IGTV and IG STORIES 1

It is not surprise that Instagram has become part of our daily application to swipe and scroll. It is ADDICTIVE and everyone LOVE it. Therefore, Instagram has been updated the application to more feature which is Instagram TV (IGTV). IGTV was launched in June 2018.

The different between IGTV and IG STORIES 5

So, what is IGTV?

Basically, IGTV is a twins baby of YouTube yet from different PAPA & MAMA. But, brother and sister with IG stories. It has the same feature with Youtube but it was under Instagram company.

So, does it the same like IG stories?

Today, we are going to tell you about the different between IGTV and IG STORIES

The different between IGTV and IG STORIES 6

1. Time Limit

IGTV: Up to 60 minutes long video, but it only available by using computer to upload.

IG Stories : Only 15 seconds of clips in one segment.

2. Separate App

The different between IGTV and IG STORIES 7

IGTV: When IGTV launched, Instagram announced a dedicated app for IGTV at the same time. You still can use it on Instagram, it just separate in the dedicated app so that the user can enjoy the content in more comfortable way.

IG Stories : There has no dedicated apps for IG Stories.

3. Channels

IGTV: You need to create a channel in your IG account and upload the video. However, if you want more than 1 channel, the only way is to create another IG account.

IG Stories : You don’t need to create a channel, as long as you have an IG account, stories can be create and upload anytime you want.

4. Interaction

IGTV: You can like and comment on IGTV videos just like you do in the regular posts. Also, share them to your IG friend on Instagram through Direct Messages. Also there is button for you to copy link and share it other than Instagram users.

The different between IGTV and IG STORIES 8

IG Stories : You cannot like or comment on IG Stories, if the users has apply story control. However, you can send quick reactions with limited cute emoji to your IG friends. IG stories does not support copy link and share the clip externally, unless the user share the clip on their Highlights.


If you are those who like to share short clip and enjoy the content, story will be more suitable for you, but if you are those who like to create a video and share thing to everyone but lazy to create a youtube account, then IGTV will be the best choice for you to have your own channel.


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