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Feature Stories: Skyrun™

Feature Stories: Skyrun™ 1
Brief introduction/history about Skyrun™
Skyrun™started based on my hobby. During weekend, me, my colleagues and my family will spend time together and flying our drone around KL and Selangor. Sometimes we drive far away from Kuala Lumpur just because we want to fly our drones. We start to fly as early as 6.30 in the morning during weekend. Crazy isn’t it? The drone technology amazes us and we managed to capture photos and videos from different view and angle! We think this was awesome! After we upload our photos and videos on social media, the response was good and there are lot of people and company want to use our pictures and videos for their works and campaigns. Then I started to develop my own commercial name – SKYRUN! Yeah, it’s all about passion!
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 Sources: Skyrun.my
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 Sources: Skyrun.my
What made you stay with Big Domain?
Seriously I manage to apply my creativity doing my web easily with Big Domain – Big Web Builder. The built in tools and system was very easy to understand and use. In fact, I manage to complete my basic website within 1 day with BigWeb Builder. You don’t need any extra knowledge to handle this tool. Just open it, understand the process and do it! Use your own creativity to make it awesome! And the important thing is – it’s worth and not expensive! Click Here check out more!
What are the benefits you gained from using Big Web Builder?
Frankly, it’s very easy to update my website. Just drag and drop! No need special programming language to use it. All are well prepared for me. Automatically, I save a lot of time too. Not like any other conservative web builder, it’s hard to understand and to use.
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 Sources: Skyrun.my
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 Sources: Skyrun.my
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 Sources: Skyrun.my

Tips that you would share to others who were thinking of doing/has just started business online?

Hey friends out there! Just believe yourself. You can do better with online business. Nowadays, it’s all about worldwide network. You have to show the world what you can contribute to them. Hence, you need a website of course! You have to practice PDCA – Plan, Do, Check and Act! Build your own website with your own hand is better than you pass to other party. At least you manage to run your own website with your own style! Big Web Builder is superb and it will help you to make your online business to grow and operate properly. Just trust yourself and don’t afraid to make a move! You can do it! Click Here to explore more…
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